Fully Covered Keyboard Cap Keyboard Cover for iMac Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (no Numeric Keypad) [3-Pack] – 5X thinner Than competitors Protects Touch ID Waterproof Easy-Cleaning

Price: $9.99
(as of Apr 02, 2024 12:54:44 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The Keyboard Cap control cover is Green Onions Supply’s thinnest protector ever. This 0.025 mm thick film is like a custom-fit version of the Universal Keyboard Cap, now in “control cover” form, because it covers all the controls of your Mac. Each pack comes with 3 Keyboard Cap Protectors.

It has the flat, ultra-thin film structure that makes the Universal Keyboard Caps amazing to type through. The Keyboard Cap control cover expands this to cover more than the keyboard, so it protects the Magic Keyboard’s Touch ID sensor with perfect compatibility. This is thanks to its elastic and transparent materials and a new elastic strap attachment system that’s now model specific, which gives it the secure, smooth, and tight fit needed for a great touch control experience.

The result? A beautifully slim and near-invisible keyboard and control protector that is a joy to use, and which provides amazing protection as always.

Keyboard Cap’s incredible thinness makes it the highest sensitivity control cover ever, 5 times thinner than supposedly “ultra thin” competitors, so it provides a truly unmatched level of tactile sensitivity and typing accuracy.

This expansive coverage is great insurance against spills, grime/dust/hair/fur accumulation, and other keyboard-destroying mishaps. It also has a thoughtful design that keeps all straps clear of your side USB ports of your Magic Keyboard.

Keyboard Cap’s tight and flat fit are a joy to wipe clean or disinfect, especially compared to the numerous grooves of custom molded covers, which hide grime and gunk. This means Keyboard Cap users and their keyboards stay cleaner, happier, and healthier.

Keyboard Cap feels invisible in use, and looks amazing on the Magic Keyboard. The Keyboard Cap’s thinness means it is intended for semi-disposable use. It’s a significant step above disposable protectors, which can only last a week of unreliable use; Keyboard Caps last a solid 3-6 months of hard use, but they will wear out faster than the Kiss Cover or KeyboardMask control covers. This lower durability is balanced by Keyboard Cap’s extreme comfort, as well as its more affordable replacement options. This is perfect for users in sterile or contaminant filled environments who need protectors they can afford to throw out when needed, or where regular disinfection is not as convenient, and cover replacement would be preferred.

Control cover protection for Magic KeyboardControl cover protection for Magic Keyboard

Complete coverage and protection

Control covers like the Keyboard Cap protect all of your keyboard’s controls, including the keyboard and the integrated Touch ID sensor. This means you get better protection from spills, dust, and grime that would otherwise get into all its nooks and crannies in daily use.

Control Cover compatible with Touch ID sensorControl Cover compatible with Touch ID sensor

Extreme comfort and compatibility

The Keyboard Cap is 5 times thinner than competing keyboard covers for the best possible sensitivity and comfort. It is an ultra-thin (0.025 mm thick) and elastic film with a smooth texture, made with high grade TPU.

This makes it extremely comfortable to type and use touch controls through the cover. It’s so thin that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor simply works through the cover!

Control cover protection against spills and grimeControl cover protection against spills and grime

Insurance against accidents

The wide, waterproof coverage of your Keyboard Cap provides great insurance against spilled drinks or crumbs, sudden rain, pet fur, and other everyday gunk and accidents that can damage your laptop.

This great coverage also means you can easily disinfect the most touched parts of your laptop with a quick spray and wipe down.

WORLD’S THINNEST PROTECTIVE CAP – premium material with 0.025mm to keep the same tactile feeling and excellent typing feedback.
FULLY COVERED – Compared with other keyboard covers, our keyboard cover blocks dust and liquid spill (coffee/beer/milk). It’s just like a waterproof shower cap and keeps contaminants away from keyboards
TURN KEYBOARD INTO A FLAT SURFACE – Easily swapped and exchanged.
EXTEND THE LIFETIME OF YOUR KEYBOARD – Without a keyboard cap, dirt will stick in the keyboard for a long time and water may sprinkle on the keyboard, it will reduce the lifetime of keyboard.


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