First Automatically GeoTagged Picture

First Automatically GeoTagged Picture

I just hacked up my own geotagging software based on my mologogo data from my web site. Not too shabby.

This is how it works.
I have a cheap-@$$ Boost Mobile Phone with the mologogo client software on it.
That client software "phones home" to my blog and saves waypoints to a database there about once a minute.
I take pictures with my digital camera, with my cell phone sitting in my back pocket logging the GPS coordinates.
I come home and download my pictures.
I copy the "selects", the pictures I really like and want to upload somewhere, and copy them to a "postpics" directory on my desktop. This is more for my convenience than anything else.
I run a script I wrote called It does the following:
Grab a list of all the pictures in the directory. For each picture in the directory, do the following:
Use exiftool to extract the shooting date and time.
Query the database on my blog for the lat and long of the waypoint at that time, or the last known position before that time.
Take that info, and jam it back into the image’s EXIF data using exiftool again.
Repeat for each image in the list of images in that directory.
I upload my pictures to Flickr, and boom – pre-mapped for my convenience.

Note that you MUST turn on EXIF GPS data in your account security settings for this to work.

Note that this is absolutely NOT for the faint of heart, and that I’m doing this with Mac OS and its lovely UNIX underbelly, with some seriously not-so-great and completely custom PHP/MySQL programming on the server end. This project was hacked up in a matter of a couple hours or so, starting from me needing to refresh myself on PHP and SQL because I hadn’t programmed them in a bit. No, I’m not ready to release any of this code, and I’m not sure I ever will be. Sorry.

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