Extreme Property Solutions – Website – Admin Quiz

Extreme Property Solutions - Website - Admin Quiz

Our customer wanted the ability to "pre-screen" potential contractors working for them. To do this, they wanted to require them to fill out answers to an online "quiz".

To accomplish this, we built a secure ADMIN section for the customer to login and manage certain areas of their website. This solution employs PHP and MySql.

As this screenshot illustrates, we provided the user with the ability to add/remove questions themselves. Answers could be multiple choice, text fields, check boxes, etc… They can move questions up/down in order. There is no limit to the number of questions. One question per page is presented, and visitor selects "NEXT" to go to the next.

Auto-generated emails are sent to the customer immediately after a quiz is completed. All quiz submissions are stored in a user friendly database as well, where they can be read, printed and exported to Excel.

About this company:Extreme Properties, LLC is a professional home maintenance and preservation company serving the Midwest.

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