Export and Import MySQL Database from PHPmyAdmin – Complete Backup Guide 2021

Export and Import MySQL database from phpmyadmin is very easy. You can export and Import all MySQL databases from phpmyadmin.

WordPress uses MySQL database and one of the benefits of MySQL database is that you can easily export all databases from phpmyadmin.

Many people probably do not know that there is a great tool called PhpMyAdmin that you can access from your cPanel (most hosting provider will offer cPanel with your hosting account for free).

All you really need is a good video tutorial that shows you how to use the PhpMyAdmin tool.

So we have created a video tutorial that shows how to use PhpMyAdmin. Once you learn to use this tool you will feel like a superman.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to export and import your database from cPanel.

Follow these few simple steps to know how to export and import mysql database in phpmyadmin.
1] Log into your cPanel and click the phpMyAdmin icon under the Databases heading.

2] Scroll down and Click on the database you are working with on the left menu

3] Click Export in the tabs along the top of the screen.

4] The export option that we are providing instructions for is the Quick method.
Click on the radial button for Quick. If you want more complete control, then click on Custom.

5] Next, you will need to click on the format of the export file.
By default, it should be on SQL, so you don’t need to change anything.

6] Click on the Go button in order to perform the export.

7] You will be prompted to either open or save the file.

Please select the option to save the file and then save them somewhere you’ll remember
(such as directly on your desktop).and here your MySQL database exported.

8] Now to import similarly access PHPMyAdmin

9] Select the database from the left side in which you want to export the MySQL database.

10] Then click export, choose the file from the local system and click go button.

11] Congratulations, you have just exported and Imported a copy of your database!



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