Excel Data Cleaning – Beginners Tutorial

Beginners tutorial on how to clean data in Excel.

In this video, we answer “Why is Data Cleaning important?” and explore 10 incredibly useful Data Cleaning tips and tricks in Microsoft Excel to easily:
✅ Import a CSV using Text To Columns / Text Import Wizard
✅ Escape Commas in a CSV using Double Quotes
✅ Resize Columns using AutoFit
✅ Delete Blank Rows using Go To Special, Blanks
✅ Remove Duplicates
✅ Remove Excess Spaces in Text using the TRIM function
✅ Replace Values using Find and Replace
✅ Replace Formulas with Values using Paste Special, Values
✅ Standardise Text using UPPER, PROPER, and LOWER functions, and
✅ Standardise Dates

Link to the sample file – stonks.csv:

After watching this video, download the sample file and try data cleaning by yourself to solidify your understanding in preparation for your next Excel job interview!


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