ESPduino Development Board for UNO R3 Based on ESP8266 Wireless WiFi Communication Module for IoT Lua Project, CH340 CH340C Smart Electronic Shield, Compatible with Arduino IDE for Robot Arm Smart Car

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 ESPduino is developed based on the ESP8266 ESP-13, which can be compatible with Arduino IDE, UNO R3 developmen board.
By using the ESP8266 WiFi and MCU, ESPduino can work with the support of WiFi. Compared to the traditional UNO development baord, users don’t have to buy another WiFi development board. It is a good help for IoT projects and robot project.
 Warm Prompt
To download the code, just by the following two methods:
(1) Change the boards.txt file.
Search the boards.txt file within the installation Arduino files in your PC by using the txt file downloaded in the following link:, and then, you can choose the board type as “ESPduino (ESP-13 Module)”, and the “Reset Method” is “ESPduino-V2”.
(2) Select the development board type as “Generic ESP8266 Module”, and choose the ” Reset Method” as “nodemcu”, as shown in the following picture. Then you can download the code into the board.
 Shipping List:
ESPduino development board: 1pcs
Example Code
#include #include  
const char* ssid = “Doit”;
const char* password = “doit3305”;
 int timezone = 3;
int dst = 0;
 void setup() {
  WiFi.begin(ssid, password);
  Serial.println(“\nConnecting to WiFi”);
  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED)
  configTime(3 * 3600, 0, “”, “”);
  Serial.println(“\nWaiting for time”);
  while (!time(nullptr))
【Compatible with Arduino IDE】The ESPduino development board is compatible with Arduino IDE if already installed the ESP8266 files on Arduino. So, it will be much convenient to develop the arduino-related code with wirless WiFi communication function, and it would be easy and quick to develop IoT projects.
【How to Use】To use this board by the two steps: 1) search and install the esp8266 boards.txt; 2) select the board type as “nodemcu v1” or other choices. Then you can compile and download the Arduino source code.
【About this Board】The ESPduino has a ESP-13 WiFi module. The chip is also ESP8266. So, all of the ESP8266 source code and bin files can also be used on this board. Importantly, the Arduino code is also suitable with this board.
【Serial Chip】The serial chip is CH340C. So, you should install the CH340 driver program before use it.
【What You Get】You will get: ESPduino development board: 1pcs; USB cable: 1pcs. When you get it, you can develop the arduino code based on this board.

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