Drive thru worker encounters Karen and boyfriend during a 17hour shift.

Drive thru worker encounters Karen and boyfriend during a 17hour shift.

Drive thru worker encounters Karen and boyfriend during a 17hour shift. from PublicFreakout

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“Y-you’re getting fired today”

Guy’s worked almost 17hrs on whatever minimum wage is where he’s located, likely dealing with absolute walnuts like the couple filming for that entire time. I don’t think he gives a shit.

There are 17hr shifts?

Edit:So there are and I hope I never have to work a shift like that. I am so sorry all of you had to work that long. I am 15 and I can barely manage 8hr(Volunteering).

Shout out to all of you for dealing with something that I straight up can’t.

I imagine that fastfood workers don’t really care about getting fired. They’ll just go work at a different fastfood establishment

Wait until the people in the car realize that this cat is absolutely keeping that job. You don’t do 17 hr shifts without your management knowing how indispensable you are. Doubt they can even hire a shitty replacement in this job market.

Youre getting fired?? Who they gonna hire instead bruh? This guy aint getting fired for shit especially if hes willing to work 17h shifts

I once had a lady who swore on here life that the 8 count chicken nuggets were cheaper the last time she was here. She didn’t leave for over an hour

He’s just saying what every retail employee wishes they could say to asshole customers.

Nobody working those jobs gets paid enough to deal with the abuse they get. So I’m not surprised when they snap and go off.

The fact that the bald dude got out of the car to fight a guy through a window tells me they weren’t entirely innocent or of sound mind to begin with

Why do these people always post their own L like this. Nobody sides with the assholes arguing with the minimum wage worker.

Few years ago McDonald’s had a promo through their app for a free McMuffin. I got up to the window and showed my app code and the manager was so happy that he gave me an extra McMuffin. They were getting harassed by idiots who didn’t know you had to use the app but still screamed like toddlers for their right to a free egg McMuffin. The deal was clear in that you had to use the app. The abuse is why the manager was working the window.

Having seen 2 or 3 of these now I’m waiting for the day these poor workers just start chucking XL sodas into the car until the fuckers actually leave

I think drive thrus need conveyor belts like the ones they have at car washes. Then you don’t have to tell crappy customers to get out of the way, just turn the belt back on.

It’s getting increasingly hard to see the customer’s side of the argument these days, even without context.

“The customer is always right” is perhaps the worst hex ever placed on the youth of America.

Hey, let me videotape my husband/boyfriend assaulting a drive thru worker and then throw it on social media to get this guy fired that my boyfriend/husband assaulted.

Best part is, she says he’s getting fired, when her husband got out of a running vehicle and physically attacked him. Husband swung first. He could be arrested.

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