Donald Trump slams Jan. 6 panel after Ivanka Trump interview request: ‘They’ll go after children’

Donald Trump slams Jan. 6 panel after Ivanka Trump interview request: ‘They’ll go after children’

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36 replies on “Donald Trump slams Jan. 6 panel after Ivanka Trump interview request: ‘They’ll go after children’”

does he think that his 40 year old daughter is an actual child because their relationship was weird enough already

Said the guy who oversaw a policy that separated children from their families with no system to track where those children went and resulted in toddlers answering questions in a courtroom about where they came from, why they left, and how they got here.

“It’s a very unfair situation for my children. Very, very unfair.”

Cry me a fucking river.

The lying, grifter goes on to say that this is just a distraction for how bad the country is being run. The king of deflection has no room to talk.

Wait i seem to remember a big part of Trumps campaign was going after Hunter Biden and even after Bidens son that died.


>“The other thing with the terrorists is **you have to take out their families**, when you get these terrorists, **you have to take out their families**. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, **you have to take out their families**,” Trump said.

This from a man who oversaw separation of a 1000 children from their parents at the border. Kept children locked up in cages at the border for months.
He went after Biden’s son!
He just can’t seem to see the irony of his words anD actions. Orange turd

We paid her $180,00 a year and she received secret service protection right? Per diem and free travel everywhere right? Respect and deference from supplicants right?

Well Donald, that’s what happens when you indulge in both nepotism and criminal behavior.

When they are in control they’re advisors, when they might be accountable, they’re children. Ivanka was the worst for switching between the roles to try to deflect criticism.

If you don’t want your children questioned, best not make them [complicit](

Look, I’m all for not going after family of politicians, but you lose that common courtesy when you give them a government job.

Plus, I remember you wouldn’t shut up about Hunter Biden for over 2 years.

Probably shouldn’t have given her a job in politics and always tease that she had political aspirations then.

The children he put in charge of government business? The ones he put in charge of multiple businesses of his? The ones that he brought along with him to stop nepotism and corruption in government? The ones that love travelling the world to hunt endangered species? Those children?

Oh you mean bribing a Ukranian official with military aid for assistance with your presidential campaign by releasing compromising information about your opponents ‘child’ isn’t out of bounds, but calling your daughter in for an interview is a bridge too far….

Wow. Didnt he go after Hunter Biden? What about Obama’s kids?

The hypocrisy is obvious. Whats amazing to me is that Trumps supporters are gonna get behind this with their crocodile tears and clutched pearls and completely deny they ever “went after children.”

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