DIY Woodworking Projects

Are you looking for an efficient and rapid way to undertake woodworking projects? I recently came across a website that offers over 16,000 downloadable woodworking plans. Here’s a genuine review of TedsWoodworking:


When starting a woodworking project, having all the necessary information is crucial, including schematics, plans, materials lists, and instructions. TedsWoodworking provides precisely that. The plans are well-drawn, and there are step-by-step explanations on how to execute and assemble each project.

Unlike other websites with incorrect aspects, missing parts lists, or material information, TedsWoodworking offers comprehensive and accurate plans. If you have had negative experiences with such plans in the past, TedsWoodworking will change your perspective.

In TedsWoodworking, you’ll find everything you need:

  • Detailed charts and measurements
  • Step-by-step instructions to kickstart your project
  • A list of required materials
  • All the necessary woodworking tools

Even if you’re a beginner or have limited woodworking experience, these plans are easy to follow due to their clear instructions. The woodworking plans are straightforward and not overly complicated. You’ll quickly grasp all the techniques and skills required by following the concise and explicit directions.

Moreover, the woodworking plans include several instructional videos that guide you through the process of building various items such as chairs, furniture, dog houses, bird feeders, sheds, and more.

Additionally, the package offers lifetime membership access and includes these extras at no additional cost. This alone makes TedsWoodworking well worth the investment.

Ted McGrath, the creator, is a dedicated and experienced carpenter with extensive knowledge in woodworking and DIY projects. With years of woodworking experience, he knows what he’s talking about.


There is only one minor drawback: with 16,000 woodworking plans, some may appear slightly overwhelming or complex. However, considering the challenge of categorizing such a vast collection of plans, this is understandable. Additionally, downloading the plans might take longer due to their size. Nevertheless, the member’s area provides an option to upgrade to a DVD version, saving you time on downloads.

Final Verdict:

Honestly, in my 36 years as a woodworker, I haven’t come across anything like this for a price less than tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s the bottom line: If you’re planning to start a woodworking project, using TedsWoodworking isn’t just a suggestion—it’s an opportunity you’d be foolish to miss out on.






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