Datawarehousing Concepts Basics (Fact and Dimension Table)

Fact, Dimension, Star Schema may sound little tricky specially to people who have never worked on a Datawarehouse, This video explains them in a simple manner with a real world example
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I have a few questions in regards to creating dimension and fact tables based on the scenario… Like for Order process, Shipping the order process,calculating the remaining quantity of each product in the warehouse and in some cases the customer returns goods…So in total there are 4 processes, therefore, I need to have 4 fact tables..Am i right?

The content is good but the voice is so annoying to listen to. May be you can make it a bit clear and smooth, it sounds like a broken mic has been used. No offense but its difficult to keep listening to. I need to see more but I cant see yours because of poor voice quality, switching to somebody else just for that. Hope you will fix that. Thanks though

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