Database Tutorial for Beginners

This database tutorial will help beginners understand the basics of database management systems. We use helpful analogies to explain a high-level overview of spreadsheets, tables, and database management systems. The logic and concepts in this tutorial will make it easier to understand the more technical aspects of database architecture and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD).

When it comes to organizing data, we often start by compiling everything into a single spreadsheet (or table). But that approach isn’t scalable. As more data floods the system, a single table will result in misleading information, duplicate data, and errors.

A better method is to split your data up into smaller tables that have a narrower focus. These tables organize your data in a more efficient way and come together via relationships to form a database. And a database management system is the software that handles the storage, retrieval, and updating of that database.

Database Management Systems are closely related to Entity Relationship Diagrams. If you’ve spent any time in a database management system, you know that they typically don’t give you the best options for visualizing your database. It’s all in the programming language and it’s hard to see where the connections are. That’s where Entity Relationship Diagrams come in. It’s a visual way of looking at your database structure. Each table translates into an entity. And your columns in each table are listed as attributes in their respective entity. Finally, the programmed connections between your tables are visualized through relationship lines.

Lucidchart is a visual productivity platform that can help you visualize your Database Management System. Our ERD import and export tool make it easy to translate your database into a diagram that helps you spot database errors, find potential improvements, and onboard others to your database.


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47 replies on “Database Tutorial for Beginners”

This video basically answers all my questions about what is these things. My university gave me task to create entity relationship diagram but i don't even know what the hell is even that. how these tables are connected with my website. I recommend all students must watch this video before starting database. thanks man

I dont get why you call it an ERD its just a flow chart but takes longer to say and is more confusing. Also i think that the customer and products should have been up top and showing going down to the order it would make more sense to people who dont understand flow charts.

Other wise good job.

this is great. saw this last night, and will have this done by the end of the day. will help us visualise our current setup and how we can improve the design and workflows in our new solution. cheers

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