Data Protection Tips For Small Businesses

Data protection is something all businesses need to be concerned about. But, a lot of small business owners think they’re immune from the threat. This is not the case.

How do you protect your small business? There is no magic formula, but a lot can be done. Data classification is a must. If you don’t know where your data is, there is a high chance someone will find it. Classifying data ensures you and your employees know how to handle it safely.

Control who has access to your systems with identity access management solutions, and implement tighter access controls, such as two-factor authentication.

Many breaches are a result of insider attacks. While these can be malicious, mostly, an employee makes a security error without realising it, and this gives the hackers a way in. This is why employee education is of paramount importance.

Encrypt all sensitive data, especially when your data is mobile. By encrypting data, even if you do suffer a breach, there is a high chance the information will be safe.

These suggestions scratch the surface of what can be done, so make sure you hire data protection experts that can put together a bespoke solution.

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