Dad and son harass and blind drivers with lights in Colorado springs Colorado

Dad and son harass and blind drivers with lights in Colorado springs Colorado

Dad and son harass and blind drivers with lights in Colorado springs Colorado from IdiotsInCars

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They were laughing like crazy people while blinding drivers with flash lights and following right beside them. It was very psychotic.

We called the police but they didn’t seem to care at all that this dad and son are trying to make people crash while blinding them with lights and following and intimidating people for miles.

They could also clearly see we had a new born baby but didn’t care.

Send this to the news, the fact that you had a baby in the car would make them 100% air it. The cops will care then, plus you have the plate. Edit – Also post it on Twitter and tag the police Twitter account.

This is one of those “I am sure there was more to the story” situations. The OP isn’t going to tell us anything that makes OP look bad.

I read the title as dad and son harass blind drivers, and was wondering how are blind people driving cars. And why are they flashing blind people? They obviously can’t see. Then I read the title again, slowly.

We could do a Colorado Springs dedicated thread for idiots in cars! It’s like do you know what the lines on the road mean? a red sign with stop printed on it? A red light? a crosswalk ? I would swear some people just wrote in “I go” for ever answer on the DL test!

1. Looks like they’re recording you, or one is the other is an idiot and trying.
2. It’s odd you know they are father and son, like you know who they are
3. Are you recording while driving?

Why are you speeding up in the beginning of the video when you’re in the right lane?

Why does it looks like the son is taking photos rather than having a flashlight app on to blind you?

I would be very upset if someone was intentionally trying to blind me while driving but this whole vid seems sketchy. You having a newborn in your car even makes it more sketchy and putting you at fault for not slowing down/ pulling aside. It seems like you both had a confrontation and each escalated it to a level where it didn’t need to be.

Father was taking video and the flashlight turned on due to lighting conditions and the son is taking photos (hence the flash). The flash and the steady on video-light have the same relative brightness (meaning it’s a phone flash in both cases). Seems they were taking video of whoever was in the vehicle recording. So I sense a narrative has been suggested but there is no evidence of the claims by the OP.

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Thanks all for the upvotes, you made a dudes day ❤️

You just full beam them? Aggressive sticking to the side of them like that easy enough to drive past and no problem

So what’s the full story OP? Passenger appears to be taking photos of you, driver is shining their phone light solid, possibly recording a video… my guess is that they aren’t actually targeting random drivers, they’re targeting YOU.

So the question is whether you provoked it or they really did just pick you out of everyone else and decide “hey if he looks over into our car WE’LL BLIND HIM with our phone lights!”

Because OP’s are never known to lie about a situation to make themselves appear fully innocent.

Looks to me like they’re taking video of op with their cell phones. Probably because of what op did before this video starts…

I see 3 people recording each other with their phones in this video. If you have a baby in the car why did you let it escalate to this point?

Kid looks like he’s taking photos and dad is just flaring the camera so that they can’t record his face. Pretty smart if you don’t want you photo up tbh. Assholeness aside.

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