Creating database documentation during the Continuous Integration workflow

In this video, we will show you in detail how dbForge Documenter can directly take part in the Development and CI processes.
In the CI process, you can use dbForge Documenter in two modes and generate database documentation either on the fly based on the connection to the database or using the project file * .ddoc.
Now, let’s consider how to create a documentation project.

1) First, click New Documentation and select a connection.
2) Next, in the Database Explorer, select the necessary database.
3) Then, click Generate and select the documentation generation format and specify the file path.
4) Finally, save the ddoc project.

You can then use this project in the PowerShell cmdlet New-DevartDatabaseDocumentation.
dbForge Documenter plays an important role in the DevOps process and allows you to keep the database documentation up to date.

Find more information about how dbForge Documenter is involved in the DevOps process here:
Download dbForge SQL Tools for SQL Server (includes DevOps Automation)

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