Carhartt CEO says he’s still mandating staff vaccinations. Now he’s facing a boycott.

Carhartt CEO says he’s still mandating staff vaccinations. Now he’s facing a boycott.

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Reminds me of a meme I saw the other day.

IKEA – We don’t want antivaxxers in our stores.

Antivaxxers – Boycott IKEA.

IKEA – Well that was easy.

Haha. What are these boycotters going to buy? Dickies instead? They will be back in a couple weeks to get Carhartt replacements.

“No government mandates! Let businesses make their own choices!”

*Carhartt vaccine mandate*
“Not like that.”

too bad they already bought a carhartt jacket and it will last them like 10 years at least, then by then they’ll forget about about the “boycott” and go out and buy another one.

My work gives us a uniform allowance, and the past year it’s been a bitch to order anything Carhartt.

Usually takes about 6 months for pants, socks, jackets, etc.

Maybe this will free up some inventory for our uniform orders.

I bet in this case after the initial fervor settles down, all these guys burning or chucking their gear will go back and buy more. My money on this is that not only won’t it hurt long run sales, it’ll boost them slightly.

So when the Left stops supporting a company or person because of their actions it’s “Cancel Culture” but when the Right does it it’s a “boycott” or “taking a stand”? 🙄🤡

Remember the issue with the bakery not making a wedding cake for a same sex couple? And how republicans said businesses should be able to make their own decisions?

Guess it’s only if they agree with the reason. Damn hypocrites.

Not normally a Carhartt customer but I’ll look at there site and see if anything piques my interest.

Any company that’s willing to sacrifice potential profits for the saftey of their workforce is worth my money.

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lmao it’s this going to be like the boycotts of them lighting their products on fire or blowing them up…you know…after the company already made money off the purchase.

Bosses don’t like employees who are sick for 10 days and constantly infecting others so they are out for 10 days. They also don’t like dead employees. Some of them actually have a soul and want to protect the people they work for. This isn’t hard to understand.

No worries. The people boycotting have the attention span of a goldfish. They’ll have something new to be fake mad about when Tucker tells them to

This boycott bs made me look up where carhartts are made. They are made in the USA and Mexico. They make more work wear in the US than any other company.

These shitasses are going to turn their backs on US workers over an internal policy that has nothing to do with them.

God please make the stupid stop!

Amazing to me that people are upset with Carhartt, tearing the name/tags off their clothes saying they’ll never buy from them again and how it’s about American freedom, lol. Businesses have the freedom to institute rules of employment. I don’t think they’re crying too much over 6ou tearing you labels off or burning your clothes. I’m sure if they are crying, they’re wiping those tears with the money you’ve already given them.

MAGA isn’t principled enough to follow through with boycotting. They’re too dumb to remember everyone they’re supposed to be mad at.

>One Twitter user called Carhartt’s vaccination stance “insane given their target market”

Wow, a company that understands the right thing to do, even in the face of their “Target market” outing themselves as the insane ones.

I might have to go buy some in case it ever snows here again in New England.

Come on. We know who antivaxxers are. They got Carhartt once as a gift from someone who can actually hold down a good job.

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