Call any Power BI REST API with PowerShell

Not sure what a REST API is? Or what you can do with them in Power BI? Find out how you can easily take advantage of them without having to write a bunch of code. Use PowerShell instead!

REST API Reference Documentation

Power BI PowerShell Reference Documentation

Use Microsoft Flow, and other options, to refresh your Power BI dataset

Refresh Dataset In Group API

Refresh History in Group API

Get Pages in Group

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23 replies on “Call any Power BI REST API with PowerShell”

Yes, Adam. We are using Powershell to automate the whole workspaces reports refreshes and export the rdl report to local drive and send the same via email as PDF/ EXCELL attachment to required end users

Is there a way to run an API call within PowerQuery, for example: to pull in that refresh history json text, so your dataset refresh actually grabs the current refresh history?


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Thank you. Can you do a video exploring PBIRS Power shell cmdlets, setup, config, prerequisites etc. I see users asking for it, probably swagger hub can get them but a video could be helpful.

This is cool, Adam. the PS REST API for Power BI Service would allow you to have more than eight scheduled refreshes in a day, by just scheduling the Power Shell command to trigger a PBI refresh anytime you want, like every 1/2 hour throughout the day, etc. Love it.

Yes Adam, we already have integrated PBI dataset refresh post our ETL in ADF, which saved a lot of manual refresh of dataset And also we are getting an email alert as well post refresh succeeds or fails. Really great feature though. Cheers!!

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