Bad Graphics

These games don’t even have barely 100 graphics, what a shame.


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the visual clarity that has been lost in fps games has pissed me offf reatly for yeatrts now. I dont need a billion lift sources and reflections and colors i just want targets to stand out. it s painful to look at and not a ulaity innovation when applied to fps gam,es. And first thing i do in any game is TURN MOTION BLUR OFF WHAT A JOKE OF A SETTING JFC. Why in satans name would you want to blur thye quality of your game and make perceeption worse as well it boggles my tiny brain that these morons think its innovation to destroy their work with motion blur.

Ironic how this issue has sort of cropped up again with Elden Ring. Now people are worried "Elden ring won't look as good as demons souls". Like, damn I don't care if the graphics are inferior if the art direction is as top notch as fromsoft always manages

Fun fact is that i found this video from a comment in a video about the Ratchet and Clank 2016 reboot game from TheGamingBritShow which the video also discusses about how the graphics in RaC 2016 suffers from motion blur, 30fps and too much details that makes exploration in that game less enjoyable compared to the original 2002 version.

Artstyle gets in the way of "graphics' quality"
But in the end, graphics don't matter that much. I mean, sure cartoony games can have "super great graphics" (like how you can have realistic lighting in Minecraft despite it being a pixel cube game), but still. Also sometimes you can sacrifice good graphics for good performance (as in, the game was purposefully designed with paper graphics just so people wouldn't have to sweat over their hardware lol)

The background in dota 2 needs to be that way. Elevation/stairs, tree structure, etc. hugely impacts the game. The negative effects of what dota lacks in visual clarity is also negated by the excellent sound design.

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