Bad dad odin

Bad dad odin

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Dude, I don’t give a shit how loving Odin might have been. No amount of hugs and encouragement would have knocked the crazy out of the girl or the deception out of Loki. Look at the multiverse Loki’s, they were ALL backbiting sneaky shits!

Wasn’t his fault tbh. He spent most of his life trying to get that damn indian running on the Bonneville salt flats

thanos when he finally would have decided to invade asgard after odin died but saw thor hela and loki together, just standing there like yeah man fuck this shit i didn’t want those stones anyway, i’m going to go now fix things up with my daughters, i need to apologise to one for making her a half robot. ok ? peace bye

To be fair, if he was a little shittier, Thor would be evil and they would still be the most powerful trio

You think Odin is a bad father in the MCU ? Wait until you find out the fucked up shit he’s up to in actual Norse mythology. God of War did it right in framing him as the bad guy because he unironically is and they basically changed nothing about the stories told.

Objectively, Odin was a pretty terrible father and ruler.

A malicious hypocrite, needlessly vague and prone to short sightedness. Dude doesn’t mention his god-level sword-daughter until 3 minutes before she shows up and fucks everything while he turns into light-sparkles and bails out. For a god, he was actually fairly sub-par on the cosmic-level thinking capacity stuff.

Further to my point, Odin conducts exactly zero investigations into who let the frost giants into the weapons vault, doesn’t utilize any of those weapons at any time, hides his past from his sons, lies to Loki, pits his kids against each other through backhanded comments and passive aggressive sermonizing while effectively being totally oblivious to the going-ons surrounding the infinite stones.

He hides on earth then waxes on about cliffs and the sky or some shit while blissfully giving zero fucks that Hel is about to sword fuck everyone to death.

He also set up Thor for failure then punishes him with some bullshit exile to earth when there are cosmic level events that clearly need attending to, which for some reason, the ‘All Father’ whose very eye was self plucked to attain wisdom and cosmic knowledge, which he never appears to use.

Dude is a royal fuck up on all fronts, imo. Pun intended.

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