Arduino Sensor Kit – Base [TPX00031]

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Product Description

sensor kit without text with yellow backgroundsensor kit without text with yellow background

A complete Expansion Kit for your Arduino Boards

The universe of Arduino modules and sensors is becoming more and more sophisticated, and it’s often difficult to understand what to buy for your boards. For this reason, we have designed complete and simple platform to empower your Arduino.

Arduino Sensor kit white backgroundArduino Sensor kit white background

Discover the new Arduino Sensor Kit

The Arduino Sensor Kit is the result of the best Sensors and Modules you can find in the market, assembled together in a unique set. It has been built with the purpose of extending the capabilities of your boards, and to open them to a new universe of possibilities.

Sensor Kit top viewSensor Kit top view

The first official Kit of Sensors & Modules. All connected together

The Kit is complete and guides you through step by step. No prior knowledge or experience required, as everything is clearly explained. Plus, all the modules are connected to the same PCB. The result? No additional wiring is needed, and you can decide to use the set as a single piece.

Plug, sketch and play with ease

Sensor kit on Arduino Uno

Sensor kit on Arduino Uno

Plug sensor

Plug sensor

Online Platform

Online Platform


Connect the Base Shield to your Arduino UNO Rev3. The Shield is specifically designed to fit on top the board.


Start playing with the Sensors! 10 of the best Grove Modules are connected to the same PCB, no wiring & soldering needed.


Access to the Online Platform, including 10 lessons with step-by-step tutorials to learn and play with each module.


The Modules

The Grove Button pushbutton that can either be in a HIGH or LOW state The Grove Potentiometer a variable resistor that increases or decreases resistance when turning its knob The Grove Red LED simple LED that can be turned ON, OFF or dimmed The Grove Buzzer a piezo speaker that is used to produced binary sounds The Grove OLED Display 0.96″ a screen that values or messages can be printed to The Grove Light sensor a photoresistor that reads light intensity The Grove Sound sensor a tiny microphone that measures sound vibrations The Grove Air Pressure Sensor reads air pressure, using I2C protocol Temperature & Humidity sensor reads temperature and humidity at the same time The Grove Accelerometer a sensor used for measuring the orientation, used for detecting movement

The Arduino Sensor Kit is made for Makers who have just started using Arduino to explore the vast space of electronics and programming. This kit teaches how to connect and program basic Grove modules that includes both sensors and actuators along with the Arduino Uno.
Grove is an open-source, modulated, and ready-to-use toolset and takes a building block approach to assemble electronics. This Kit includes a Base Shield to which the various Grove modules can be connected both individually, or together in various combinations to create fun and exciting projects.
The Base Shield can then be mounted on to an Arduino UNO board and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. Instructions for connecting and programming the different modules are also included in this kit.
All of the modules use a Grove connector, which connects each of the components to a Base Shield in just a few seconds.
The Kit comes with access to an online platform with all the instructions required to plug, sketch and play with the different Grove Modules. This kit does not include the Arduino Uno.

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