Application Monitoring Tools: Foolproof Security

The very thought of letting an outside system access and interfere with your network configurations could induce a twinge of discomfort, which is why hosted application monitoring tools are minimally intrusive. These tools channel all relevant system information through a simple data collector installed inside a firewall. Security is naturally a prime concern for any business sharing data on its systems. Application monitoring tools using distant servers must follow the strictest security norms.

To ensure the data center where monitoring data is hosted is secure against crime, fire, and accidents, the servers are contained in high-security facilities. These facilities are guarded at all times and only authorized personnel are allowed through secure access systems. These data centers are audited for compliance with SAS 70 norms. Cameras and surveillance tools help maintain strict security, while alarms dispel the threat of fire damage.

This is not all. The data is encrypted and passwords are disguised, while firewalls and SSL provide an increased layer of security. To maintain transparency, the data center logs the access pattern for client accounts. Data backup and redundant data centers complete the security arrangements.

Easy to Use and Upgrade

In addition to security, software for application performance monitoring should be flexible in terms of scalability and user access. Emergencies cannot wait. Being able to access alerts on the go, whether at office, home, or anywhere else, is a major requirement of vmware monitoring tools. Custom dashboards and actionable graphing makes trouble-shooting more accessible to junior technicians, adding devices and generating reports are equally simple.

You do not have to spend extra money on devices or software. The subscription covers all expenses. There is no additional charge for setting up the application performance monitoring mechanism. Even training for operators and IT staff is included in the subscription.

Many business owners might feel wary of using any kind of tool for application performance monitoring. It is quite understandable since not every tool out there is reliable, safe, or value-for-money. You do have a choice in whether or not to use certain tools. All you need to do is sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Application performance monitoring tools are used by businesses with Web presence, IT personnel dealing with the minutiae of in-house systems, and Cloud service providers. Businesses with IT infrastructure have benefited immensely from having a reliable WMware monitoring tool tracking and assessing the health of their infrastructure at all times.

Source by Alda Dishuja Rich

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