#379 The All-New Arduino IDE 2.0: Introduction and Test

Ten years of waiting has an end. During the Arduino day last week, Arduino officially released the beta version of its all-new IDE, which should give us all the features of a modern development environment. Without the hassle of a modern development environment. Too good to be true? Let’s have a closer look.
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41 replies on “#379 The All-New Arduino IDE 2.0: Introduction and Test”

Version control is critical to easily get back to a previous working version of the code when you mess things up (or need to reconsider the line chosen). Luckily, Git doesn’t require integration in the IDE (but it sure thing helps).

"version control is not essential for makers because most of us don't work in teams"

The first time you work on a project spanning more than a couple weeks and more than a couple files you'll wish you had it in version control.

Even absolute beginners should use VC so they can branch and experiment with different changes without bulldozing their other experiments or making ten separate copies of the same sketch

Andreas, I think you don't appreciate the need for version control, if you equate it with team work!!! Everything I do goes into version control – code, documents, images etc, for one simple reason when I make a mistake and want to revert my changes I don't waste time having to try and remember the changes I made of the past few days and try to undo them – simply go into version control and revert. Likewise if you want to compare your current state to something you did two months ago, just hit compare and you're there. In my opinion the question isn't why use version control, it's why are you not using vision control???

Coding tool development is just not that difficult and the programming resources are abundant so as a new person to the maker world this saddens me. After a year and a half a small group of good programmers can move mountains not move deck chairs (which is more what this 2.0 upgrade is). Can anyone recommend a full featured programming tool? I cut my teeth in Fortran and BASIC and this is as hard as it used to be 40 years ago!!!

2:40 this is a big error and misconception.
Some sort of version control should be used by anyone, including solo developers, as it grants an historic tracking of code changes, allowing to revert changes that broke something or track the source of when something was broken.

I use Atmel Studio (AS) and Arduino IDE – although I am a fan of Microchip, TI, Holtek and Freescale, AS is very powerful and can support Arduino – search also for Visual Studio Code, hobbyists and developers must have different environments. I have them all.

I have the new 2.0 ide and the esp boards are there and works,the lib feature works too as I am running the "lcd test" for the wrover kit and it works fine ,I have not tried to add a non listed lib yet …I am using 2.0.0 -beta 5 which was the latest about 2 months ago.

I discovered couple bugs – when SAVE AS and I try to create a directory, it sometimes get only one letter and or couple and goes to "finish" state and I had to do a rename or continued naming it…. BUT I like the new stuff and thank you for excellent and honest job as usual! You are a machine like and lots of energy spills to your viewers – at least in my case. Thank you again!!!

Search & Replace are NOT refactoring. Refactoring is when an IDE understands the constructs of the language and allows changing names of variables, classes, files as such, and then uses your development environment to change uses if, or references to the changed object across the entire project, not text.

that settings dialog is so bad… they just can't add a table or a list for "additional boards…"??? must it be that stupid input and it's associated child dialog with yet another input like component, the magic text area… what the…

It's just themed vscode with some plugins. What does it mean: very slow starting time, a lot more memory consumption, slow ui and snippets not working when you're writing fast. That's to be expected from a garbage electron app

Is it still possible to use external editor (I'm a definite big fan of VI like syntax so will use gvim 🙂 ) ?

It's bad it seems they didn't review the compilation process : copying everything in /tmp is stupid, resource and time consuming and prevent to use some very cool preprocessor features.
I'm still using this IDE as it's let other people to use my own projects for ESPs in the way they have to habit to do, but I would have preferred them to switch to a classical "make" process.

Anyway, this IDE introduced DIY to lot of people, and despite my regret above, it's doing it's job great … if your project is not too complex.

Great video, thank for sharing 🙂

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