3 Google Data Studio Dashboard Enhancements you Need to Start Using

Google Data Studio allows us to build dashboards and present data in an informative and clear way, but are there better ways to do this?

Recently, Andreea Popa showed our Measure Masters members some Google Data Studio enhancements that can make a big difference when building your dashboards and, since it was such a great live training, we decided to share it with you.


00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Helping your clients
02:20 – Time Series Annotations
04:44 – CASE WHEN Formulas
08:39 – Monthly Forecasts
11:49 – Summary

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6 replies on “3 Google Data Studio Dashboard Enhancements you Need to Start Using”

Hi Julian and Andreea, on the time series annotations part, what chart type do you use to add the notes in a table? When I try and use a regular table, it only counts the notes rather than display them as text.. And also, how do you then filter down this table to the date based on clicking on the date in the graph? (As demonstrated by Andreea in the video)

Hi there!
Step 5 – $/Day – 9:44
1. This formula is performed on the data source that comes from Google Drive, Right?
2. If yes – how is it possible I have "amount spend" in the formula? this metric does not appear there.

This Custom Metric is performed on the data source that comes from Google Drive where I filled my budget… How is it possible there is a "amount spend" in the final step?

(SUM (Monthly Budget) – SUM(Amount Spent)) /Days Remaining This Month

Hi, I can't get the forecast to work either, do you have any more guidance on that or the copy and paste you referred to in the video? When I do step 4 I get:

"Sorry, calculated fields can't mix metrics (aggregated values) and dimensions (non-aggregated values). Please check the aggregation types of the fields used in this formula."

I am blending 3 sources – the budget, Facebook ads and Google Ads, will it work the same? I'm a bit confused about where to create these calculated fields…or do I have to do it on both Facebook Ads and Google ads? Or just on the budget one? Or all 3?


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