253rd Legion- Mission 1.2

253rd Legion- Mission 1.2

Protector -197
Rank: Sergeant
Nickname: Crypt

After the encounter with the sepies, the legion was able to repulse the assault on Alpha Base. Many of the civilians were evacuated, but we lost many brothers in the process. However, we were getting chatter on the comms that Bravo Base was being overrun.

The words of our brother screaming: “Bravo Base has been overrun! I repeat, Bravo Base has been overrun! Whatever that thing is, it moves faster than we can shoot it! It’s heading for the archives! We’re en route to intercept, need immediate- open fire! FIRE!”

The next thing we heard was a scream and the comms cut out.

Soon after the data officer came springing into the room:

“Sirs, there’s been a data breach at Bravo Base. A file on “Ulic Qel-Droma” was accessed.”

Something strange was going on…General Kenobi sensed it

We got our next set of orders from the General to investigate what happened at Bravo Base.

As my squad loaded onto the gunship one of the privates asked: “Sarge, think its something serious”

All I could say was, “We don’t know the gravity of the situation for all we know we could be walking into a trap.”

As we arrived at Bravo Base we were greeted by a grizzly scene. An officer and clones torn apart. Lying there around the cold stone path. The next thing I noticed was one of my men went flying into the walls, and a blur speeds past me, and out of the facility, he’s heading for the temple ruins,

I shouted, “Follow him!”

My men and I pursued the cloaked future through the Jedi temple encountering some droids and fallen brothers. We didn’t know who we were dealing with, but we were determined to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for tuning in for another mission, unfortunately, I won’t be able to build 1.3 in time for the deadline, but I am grateful to get this mission in to wrap up the first mission for the 253rd Legion. Unfortunately, I also had to change the armor from snow to the phase 1 clone since I was having difficulty with the positioning of the figs. As always I want to give a BIG thanks to Greg and Robert for the MAJOR inspiration on the build. Had a couple of ideas and wasn’t sure how to approach them until I saw their builds. They have some awesome content and would recommend checking out their pages.

As always, stay safe and keep on building! 😉

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